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[I found this blog very interesting], I will bookmark this for later review.

Tannebaum, Miami Criminal Lawyer

Gideon reminds me of Samuel Gompers, short, fat and incredibly ugly. Thankfully, he doesn’t smoke cigars.


I’ve suffered great pain my life. And then I read A Public Defender. And the pain didn’t seem so horrible.

Scott “I invented the blawgosphere” Greenfield

Never before has someone written so much, saying so little

Dan Schwartz, social media guru extraordinaire

In by 10:30, out by 4, blogging 24/7

Tannebaum again, since he has nothing else to do.

Gideon pisses me off regularly; that’s why I now have to wear Depends undergarments.

The trial warrior

a public defender is exactly what our business has been lacking. a public defender was the best investment I ever made. It’s just amazing.

Matthew Roberts

I will reccomend you to my collegues. I can’t tell you how happy I am with Gideon. I like Gideon more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.

U. N. Owen

Gideon is not a chick. I checked.

Amy Derby, who is a real person

His real name’s unknown to most but his blawg certainly isn’t. If those Nigerians hadn’t wiped me out, I’d buy him a beer.


A Public Defender: Come for the underwhelming testimonials, stay for the underwhelming commentary

Colin, “you’ll come a-round tuit eventually” Samuels

Reading this blawg depressed me so much that I quit my job as a public defender.

Jen “I don’t know how to follow instructions so I’ll just leave a comment on the blog when I was specifically asked to respond on Twitter” B.


Gideon’s blog is terrible. Just terrible. He should’ve become a doctor.

My mother

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