I am Gideon. I’m a public defender in the fictional state of Connecticut. Other states I’ve been known to be in: madness, idiocy, hysteria, snark and alcohol. I’m known for beating dead horses and horsing deadbeats. I prefer to piss at windmills and tilt in the wind. I routinely amuse myself and get irrationally upset when you don’t find me funny. Like now. LAUGH DAMMIT.

Read the disclaimer please. This blog and every single post on it reflects my personal opinion and my personal opinion only. This is how I unwind after work (and sometimes before work). I do not represent that these positions are those of my employer. In fact, they absolutely, most certainly, are not. I just happen to be a person employed by the pd’s office.

Feel free to leave comments, e-mail me (not for legal advice – I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT E-MAIL ME ABOUT YOUR LEGAL PROBLEMS) and engage in discussion. Read more about the real Gideon.

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