Not ready for this


One of the upsides of having a blog and being active on social media is meeting people from different parts of the country and the world whom I’d never have met otherwise.

The downside is that people pass away and it’s incredibly sad.

So yesterday, we lost Ed, the pseudonymous editor of Blawg Review, the carnival of law bloggers. I’ve never met Ed, but he and I emailed frequently back when the ‘sphere was just blossoming and we were coming into contact with one another. He’d send me links via email or on Twitter with pithy comments, as was his style. He wasn’t particularly verbose with me, but I knew he was there. He’d randomly ReTweet a link to a post of mine and follow up with an encouraging comment.

I had no idea he was fighting a battle. I was shocked to learn that he lost that battle. I encourage you to read the posts by lawyers who he met in person, but I can tell you that this is a void that will be noticeable.

I wasn’t ready to hear of his passing and he will be missed.

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