Monday Morning Jumpstart: Cuban Missile Crisis Edition

50 years ago yesterday, an American U-2 plane captured photographs of the Soviets building missile bases in Cuba, leading to a 14-day dance that brought the world to the brink of disaster. Maybe we’ve learned our lessons from playing the world’s most dangerous game of chicken, or maybe not. Maybe we’re doomed to repeat our mistakes and will be wiped off the face of this planet  in an impetuous act of aggressiveness or maybe we’ll evolve to a higher existence and float around like amorphous blobs of energy. All I know is that it’s Monday morning and I need something read.

  • Superhero Blogger© Ken at Popehat has this extensive post titled ‘A Year in Blasphemy‘ in which he rounds up stories from around the world on those who trade First Amendment protections for bans on blasphemy and argues – effectively – that we should resist all calls to do so here, in these United States.
  • The Houston Police Department has admitted that some of their traffic tickets come “pre-loaded” with violations already printed on them.
  • On the flip side, Texas becomes the latest state to reject implementation of the Adam Walsh Act (Connecticut is one state not in compliance; my posts on the AWA here). Here‘s a Pew Center article on just why states are rejecting the implementation of this useless, expensive and draconian Federal legislation.
  • On the third hand, Pennsylvania adopts the Adam Walsh Act, leading to nonsense like this and potentially hundreds and thousands of appeals.
  • A 2012 report [PDF] shows that sex offender recidivism in Connecticut is extremely low, with only 1.7% of sex offenders returning to jail for a new sex crime (and only 3.6% were arrested for and charged with a new sex crime).
  • Here’s the latest [PDF] CT prison population report.
  • In the wake of Sandusky’s sentencing, here’s an interesting interview with a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins who counsels pedophiles about how society and the law should respond to and deal with it.
  • Judge appoints lawyer to represent a dog about to be euthanized; doesn’t realize impact on those who trade in puns. Too…many..jokes…brain…overload…send…help.
  • Steven Hayes wants to volunteer to be executed.
  • Don’t know how many times I can beat this drum: it could happen to you. Get your head out of the man’s ass and think for yourself, for a second.

Rorschach test time. Watch the video and post your reactions below.


Bonus link: the attorney in the above video also runs “Legal Niche Pros” a lawyer-marketing SEO service of sorts, I suppose.

Image via El_Enigma; license details here.

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