Monday Morning Jumpstart

Oh, hello. It’s been a while, eh? Yes, this former Monday Morning staple has unfortunately gone the way of the dodo, given my newfound love of sleeping in a little longer than I used to. Today, however, blessed with an oncoming cold, I have just enough time to throw some links your way before I drink a whole bottle of Benadryl and follow it up with some hand sanitizer.

So. Enjoy this one-off Jumpstart:

  • The AP has this piece on the litigation sure to be prompted by the repeal of the death penalty.
  • The Courant has this lengthy piece on the delays in awarding compensation to those exonerated by DNA in CT.
  • Here’s an Op-Ed on the repeal of the death penalty that purports to be deep, but in the end spews pro-death talking points and misuses stats.
  • Natapoff in Slate calls for all of us to start paying attention the millions of misdemeanor convictions entered each year.
  • The problem with composite sketches. See how many suspects are rendered in the sketches.
  • In case you spent the last few days buried under a rock, here’s a widely distributed AP profile of George Zimmerman.
  • The Senate should vote any time now to legalize medical marijuana and Sunday binges liquor sales.
  • Here’s a nice little rundown of some of the major bills in the legislature.
  • Ken Lammers at KrimLaw poses a self-defense hypothetical.
  • Gamso provides the counter-point to this David Dow piece on LWPOR being a terrible idea.
  • Antonin I. Pribetic, the Canadian Trial Warrior (TM), hosts this week’s Blawg Review.
  • The ACS Blog has this piece on Scalia’s ugly, unwield, ever-growing influence on the Roberts Court [Bonus from the same source: on originalism and cruel and unusual punishments].
  • Mark Bennett suggests that citizens can – and should – arrest TSA officers for violating the law (In Texas. Do not try at home).
  • Remember SOPA? It’s back, with a different name, but just as bad. Has the fight left us?
  • Finally, I wrote earlier about a stupid bill in the CT legislature and I should’ve added the video below to that post, but that would’ve been going too far. So it’s here instead.

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