It sucks getting old

Pardon the short missive, but i would be remiss if I didn’t remark on this, the 47th year of my existence.

I have a number of posts bubbling under, but we should all take a minute today to reflect on Gideon’s legacy and the absolute mess public defender systems are in around the country.

The promise of my youthful idealism seems so far away now. More than ever, I firmly believe that we are Sisyphus.

6 thoughts on “It sucks getting old

  1. Rita R. Handrich

    I get so confused as to when you are talking about you and when you are talking about Gideon. My first thought was “Wow. I thought Gideon was just a kid. He’s OLD” and then I clicked and thought–“Oh. He’s talking about the real ‘Gideon’. And then my head started to hurt. Sorting out personas is so energy-inefficient. Happy Birthday Gideon–whomever you may be.

  2. The Justice of the Peace

    As an English magistrate whenever I am abroad in an English speaking jurisdiction visiting what I call a “remand” and what you call an arrsignment court is on my to do list.

    I cannot forget my first and so far only visit to the court situated in what I describe as central Manhatton in New York City in 2006. The public Defender, standing close to my position in the public gallery, after achieving a token disposal for his begger client placed a dollar bill of unknown [to me] value into his hand and said; “take this to get you home”. Quite touching really. During that same afternoon I was surprised when my wife and I were admonished by officials for standing when the judge rose to leave the courtroom. For those who haven`t spectated in a British courtroom not standing when a judge or magistrates leave or enter the courtroom is considered contempt.


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