10 things I learned this decade

Not being one to care about what others think and always wanting moar lists, I’m going to subject y’all to yet another. Here are ten things (in no random order) I learned this past decade. Some are law related, some are not related to anything at all.

  1. The older I get the more incomprehensible law review articles become.
  2. Winning isn’t everything, unless you’re a prosecutor.
  3. That I am horribly addicted to the internet and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
  4. Just as I consider everyone who has a  blog and uses the ‘net to spew their opinions to be an idiot, they consider me to be one too. And I’m not happy about it.
  5. DVR is the best invention of any decade.
  6. Somewhere the real Gideon is crying.
  7. That the death penalty experiment has failed and we must stop tinkering with the machinery of death.
  8. That I have some clients who were in jail when this decade began and will still be in jail when I write an end of 2020s post in 20 years. This makes me sad.
  9. Pluto is not a planet.
  10. No one likes lists, unless there’s a badge involved.

12 thoughts on “10 things I learned this decade

  1. Gerard

    The Beatles couldn’t explain their name to Ed Sullivan, either. Personally I enjoy the woman’s music: she blends different forms together well.


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