The crumbs are asking me questions

seriously, i didn't make this up

seriously, i didn't make this up

It’s time, once again, to play that game where I take search terms that led visitors to this blog and make pithy comments about them. I’ve done this before (and again and again) and yes, it is a diversionary tactic which keeps me distracted enough to not write that substantive post that none of you ungrateful readers will ever read or comment on.

Don’t look at me like that.

Let’s get started:

  • From August till now, the #1 search on this blog is the term: “facepalm“, which might adequately convey one’s reaction upon reaching this blog.
  • Phil Russell also got a lot of hits: by the way, he wants you all to know that he appreciates the support.
  • Law: yes, that’s the general idea. Also equally productive searches: science, the and and.
  • Raising the Bar Season 3: you have reached the end of the internet.
  • Public defender crap: much like regular crap, except free and overworked. Also, not as smart.
  • How to beat the law: It’s a futile exercise. There’s only one person in the history of the world to have ever beaten the law and then too only when he was the law. Figure out that flux capacitor.
  • How to be a public defender: Depends on who you ask. My clients would say if you have a pulse, you’re in! Because that whole law school thing is totally useless.
  • Fail: epic
  • Crazy public sex: There’s no such thing.
  • Mental health public defender: It’s touch and go, thanks for asking.
  • How to hire a public defender: You really need to think about what you type before you type it. All kinds of stupid up in this joint.
  • Several people want to know what Alex Kelly is doing now. I. Don’t. Know.
  • ooo sex: what happens after an aaa meeting
  • ipostnaked dot com: glad to hear it.
  • need money: if you find some, let me know. I have a good friend in Nigeria who’d be willing to invest it for you.
  • if someone has naked pictures of you: you should probably try and get them back before they end up on Facebook – ah, what the heck, are you hot?
  • tomorrow, you will vote the abolition of the death penalty: tomorrow, I will vote the abolition – wha, wait a minute! I see what you did there.
  • why the government of usa make such dumb laws: I don’t know, it didn’t say.
  • castrate myself: I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, if that’s what you really want.
  • why do we need the 6th amendment?: so you can read posts like these, duh!
  • sleeping public defender: and that’s my cue.

I bet you can’t do better.

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11 thoughts on “The crumbs are asking me questions

  1. Mark in Jersey

    In your 07/27/2008 post, you list one of the search terms that leads to your site:

    Back of ice cream truck

    You replied as follows: (I hesitate to venture a guess)

    Being from Conn. and in my youth having associated with some of the criminal element there, and having some knowledge of the New Haven area, I can shed some light into the meaning of this search term.

    The ice cream truck is prisoner slang for the old Sheriffs’ prisoner transport vehicle. The incident in the back of the ice cream truck was one of the reasons why the Sheriff system in Conn. was abolished.

    On August 18, 1999, New Haven Sheriff deputies shackled Sandra Caruso in the “metal-box-type” rear of the transport vehicle, after her remand to custody for not making bond in Derby Superior Court on a driving while suspended violation.

    All that separated her from thirteen men was a metal partition that was kicked in by one of the men, who raped Ms. Caruso. Four others sexually assaulted her (too graphic to describe here).

    Deputies say they heard and saw nothing.

    See “Reinforcement for an Effort To Abolish Sheriff System”, New York Times, p. B5, Paul Zielbauer, March 11, 2000. Link.

    1. Gideon Post author

      First: where the hell have you been?

      Second: I truly appreciate the fact that you fully utilize the text formatting options available to all commenters.

      Third: Thanks for that piece of information.

      1. Mark from Jersey

        Hey! I’m always worried about my wireless internet security settings. My router has many security options to play with, and besides implementing WPA2, and upgrading to Windows 7, I made an unknown change that led to some blogging sites not being loaded into my browser. At first I thought it was Firefox, or a DNS issue.

        Next, paranoia had me thinking my ISP didn’t like you…

        Turns out that disabling ActiveX has an affect on the loading of some sites, even if they don’t use it explicitly. Thinking that Microsoft and website programmers abandoned ActiveX because of all it’s security issues, I would be fine without it. I was wrong. It took me two months to find my mistake (as most other sites loaded O.K.)

        Plus, the air in North Jersey kills enough braincells that I forget about your site from time to time 😀


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