This Seattle DUI lawyer is a douchebag (update: not really)

See here.

9 thoughts on “This Seattle DUI lawyer is a douchebag (update: not really)

    1. Gideon Post author

      I do feel a little bad for pulling out the “d-word”, never having met either Mssrs. Lovik or Juhl, but frankly, I’ve seen this all too often.

      I don’t write posts saying: “stick with your PD! we have infinite resources and your lawyer will take your money and do exactly the same job as I will!”

      Why can’t we all just get along, dammit?

  1. Bubba

    I’ve always hated the PD versus “free world lawyer” (as they’re known down here) debate. I’ve been both. If you can’t afford to hire your own attorney, the court will appoint you one. If you can afford (not to be confused with “is it convenient for you”) to hire your own, then I believe you have a moral obligation to do so. Period. You can get a court appointed attorney who is fantastic and will go to the mat for you or who is an idiot. You run the same risk hiring someone. Bottom line- if you have the resources, don’t sponge off the system.

  2. Bill Thompson

    Your observations are but the tip of the iceberg relating to the inherent conflicts between the private bar and public defenders. The “money” factor is the absolute wedge dividing otherwise natural allies. Apart from the scare tactics you reference is the over-riding division between the two regarding general policy considerations. PD’s here complain about the phenomenon of over-indictment, while private practitioners celebrate it as “the difference between driving a Chevy and a Cadillac”. PD’s speak of decriminalizing drug offenses while profit-minded attorneys rue the day. It’s these differences which typically land a lawyer interested in criminal defense in one camp versus the other. Of course, there’s also the practical considerations of running or not running an office. Of paying or not paying support staff. Of looking for or not needing to look for clients. Of contributing or not to judicial candidates. Under the best of circumstances, the alliance between PD’s and private practitioners of criminal defense will always be tenuous at best. Loyalties are unfortuately compromised by the Almighty Dollar…


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