Why people think criminal defense lawyers are scum (updated x2)

Exhibit B.

It seems to me that someone thought they were being artistic. The pictures, to be honest, aren’t half bad. It’s the subject matter of the pictures that is extremely questionable. Here are the worst offenders:

So, after looking at these I bet you’re curious what they have for the rest. The rest are as unimaginative and boring as these are offensive and stupid. Here’s Murder and here‘s [I have to warn you: that image is really, really gross. No nudity or anything, but..just…be careful and do not blame me for clicking on it] what it should have been. Here’s violent crimes, but  I think this would fit better with their theme. The only one that I think really works in money laundering (hey! someone’s got a sense of humor!).

Update: An intrepid reader provides a picture of what real money laundered money would look like. I want to swim in it.

Update-Update: The Texas Tornado points out that it’s a findlaw website, but someone still had to approve the damn thing.

Anyway, somebody better take screencaps quick before they change the images.

I have to ask: What is wrong with people?


8 thoughts on “Why people think criminal defense lawyers are scum (updated x2)

  1. Jen

    WTF? Why did you even put that link up if you didn’t want me to click on it. I’m going to see the girl in my dreams.

  2. Patrick

    Don’t click on that image. I’ve seen worse, but I was paid well to do it. I’m not offended, but you will be. Of course now that you’ve been warned three times, you’re more likely to click.

    Agreed as to your point Gid.

    1. Gideon Post author

      And to think I almost didn’t put in the warning.

      But really, who came up with their site design? What a horribly bad idea. Haven’t they heard complaints yet?

      Also, look at the firm picture. The guy in the back on the right looks like Chris Dodd.

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