Thursday is one day after link dump day

I have tried to think of something to write about – honestly – but most of the topics out there right now are just meh, so I’m gonna take the easy way out and give you some links to click on. Some of these are stories you’ve heard about ad nauseum already and some you’ve only heard of a few times. But here they are anyway. Hey. Don’t take that attitude with me. At least I’m posting again. Ingrate.

  • The Evidence Prof has a new paper on the potentially unintended consequence of Arizona v. Gant, funnily titled “Stranger than Dictum:…
  • Mike at C&F points to a fun opinion by Judge Alex “so what if I look at porn” Kozinski.
  • Illinois passed a bill banning sex offenders from the whole wide world wide webs.
  • There’s a blog about snitches. But don’ tell anyone.
  • There’s that whole let’s see if Troy Davis might be innocent thing. Resulting from which is the bitchslap of Nino by Dershowitz.
  • Apparently, Archie turned out to be nothing more than a gold digger.
  • Plaxico “I’m so cool I shoot myself” Burress is now officially a member of the Cleveland Browns (or is that the Cincinnati Bungles?).

That’s all for now.

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