Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

This is a stickup!

all your monies are belong to me

you so cute...now gimme your money!

Times are tough. Everyone is going through an economic crunch and we all need money. The State needs money, you need money and I most certainly need money (what, you think this blog comes for free?).

So it was surprising when almost $2 million was stolen a few weeks ago, without many batting as much as a single eyelid. To make it worse, the money was stolen from victims! Victims of theft and fraud, I might add.

So who is this criminal with such audacity? Who is this person or entity that engaged in such a daring daylight heist? Why, the State of CT of course.

Last week, the CT legislature, as part of the Governor’s budget bill, passed legislation co-opting $2million from the Client Security Fund. The client security fund is a fund into which all 36,000 lawyers are required to pay $110 per year. There’s also a proposal to alter the Attorney Occupation Tax to remove the exemption for state employees. More after the jump.