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To: Connecticut Public Defenders

From: Management

Re: Job opening

Connecticut Public Defenders, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Gideon has suddenly come into some money from a long-lost relative in Nigeria. He will have to fly there next month to pick up the $25million. In the meantime, someone is needed to man the ship here and contribute posts from time to time.

If you’re a CT Public Defender and interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, send an e-mail to threegenerations at gmail dot com. Obviously, there will be an interview process and verification of your identity and employment as a CT public defender. But if you’re looking to branch out into blogging and want some place to test your mettle, this is it! More details including compensation after the jump.

As you already know, Gideon’s standards for posts are very low and he will write about almost anything nonsensical, so you should feel free to as well.If you think you’re up to writing a few guest posts, send a note to the e-mail address above. The pay is terrific. Gideon will give up to 1% of this newly discovered relative’s money once he returns from Nigeria.

6 thoughts on “Now Hiring

    1. Gideon Post author

      I didn’t think you’d have time, but if you hit your limit at SJ and still have stuff to write about, you’re more than welcome, sensei.

    1. Miranda

      Sad state of affairs, to be sure. Another aspect of the lack of resources that frustrates me is when people who don’t qualify for public defender services, but can’t afford to hire a qualified attorney, end up paying what they can (often more than they can reasonably swing) to bad lawyers who can only get business by preying on these folks.

      Thanks for sending that link.

      1. SPO

        The Virginia one popped out at me. They can count family members? Interesting.

        I’m surprised Gid didn’t post on it. Pretty big deal if WaPo is editorializing.

        See, I’m not so bad after all . . . .


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