Gay marriage in CT: a month later

Somewhat along the lines of this.

3 thoughts on “Gay marriage in CT: a month later

  1. Gerard

    Sooo… applying similar logic, shouldn’t worry about global warming because 1 month after folks started talking about it there weren’t significant effects?

    Seriously, unctuously smug posts about gay marriage are beneath the usual Public Defender standard.

    I don’t normally know what “unctuous” means, but the WSJ journal used it to describe Bill Maher this weekend 😉

    1. Gideon Post author

      Oh c’mon. You have to admit it was funny. And it’s Sunday. No serious posts on Sundays.

      I haven’t been called unctuous before, but I do think it fits. I guess being described by the same adjective used to describe Bill Maher should be a compliment?


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