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The AQA thread

Once in a while I feel magnanimous. Like tonight. So I will answer all questions asked (thus, AQA). This is an AQA thread.

Let’s start off with some recent queries that brought people to this blog:

  • is it ethical for a public defender to refuse to represent a person believed to be guilty? The short answer is no. There is no long answer.
  • father in prison, can they file an amendment by default? I’d answer if it I knew what the hell it meant. I’m going to say….all signs point to yes.
  • why are prisons overcrowded in the US? Oh boy. This is a doozie. Well, let’s see. Overcriminalization, harsh sentencing, no parole or early release and the complete and total lack of rehabilitation in prisons leading to recidivism. How’s that?
  • how do I get a public defender? Well, it varies from state to state. Usually you apply for a public defender at the local courthouse or in court when being arraigned.
  • how to get around statutory rape? Abstain or don’t get caught.
  • Connecticut public defender office. (this isn’t really a question, but here)
  • How can prison overcrowding be reproduced? The old fashioned way, I’d imagine. See answer 3 above.
  • Your chance for change rehab in CT? Limited
  • Cross examining a known eyewitness? Easier than cross-examining an unknown eyewitness, I imagine.
  • What are the principles of law? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom, too.
  • CT Constitutional Amendment question 1 2008. No. See, that was simple. Repeat after me: No.
  • When an arrest is illegal. This feels like a game of madlibs. Hmm, let’s see. When an arrest is illegal the yellow mongoose swims with the overcrowded prison!
  • Todd Rizzo, CT? Sad.
  • Stoned. Good for you!
  • How to keep prior conviction from being introduced at trial? Claim to be your twin brother. Or get a lawyer who can do it for you. Either one has a 50-50 shot at success.
  • Ice cream Truck, and finally:
  • Gay oral

What-choo got?


FYI – I’ve tweaked a thing or two here on the blog. Some tweaks you won’t notice, one you will.

Given the propensity of people to say stupid things on the internet using the cloak of anonymity (myself included), it is always a good idea to keep reminding everyone to take personal responsibility.

To that end, I’ve appended a short paragraph at the head of each comment box. So every time you comment, you will be given a link to the privacy policy/legal disclaimer and the comments policy. If you haven’t read them in a while, go check them out.

Every time you say something stupid, you’re responsible. Not me. Some other blogs have chosen to moderate comments, I have not. I don’t want to impede the trickle of communication on this blog, but that doesn’t mean that you can say anything you want without consequence. I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment I see fit, without giving reason for it. I also reserve the right to ban people from commenting on the blog.

Finally, you say something, you own it.

If you haven’t been scared off yet, thanks for reading and leave a comment!