Monday Morning Jumpstart: It’s Aliiiive!

aaargh! It lives!!!

Yes folks, believe it or not, the Jumpstart is alive! After spending three weeks in the infirmary, the Jumpstart has made it through. There were times when it seemed like there was no hope and the plug needed to be pulled, but every time that happened, poor old Jumpstart’s heart would beat a little faster, like an episode of House.

So, it’s here and raring to go. Leaner, meaner, greener and fighting machine-ier.

Start off your morning with these interesting posts and stories:

  • The Texas Tornado has a fantastic post on the naivete of some prosecutorial veiwpoints.
  • Could anti-drunk driving TV campaigns be a way to tamper with potential jurors?
  • Scott tells us that the U.S. may have screwed up its response to the Lori Drew motion to dismiss.
  • Missouri has an “old-timers” unit in prison. Others will probably have to follow suit as populations age and prison sentences remain astronomically high.
  • In Virginia, they’re testing DNA on old convictions, but aren’t sharing the results.
  • Loan forgiveness finally signed by the Prez. H/T Skelly
  • The Underdog asks my favorite question du jour: How can a proper Terry patdown find crack cocaine?
  • In the day’s “duh” category: prosecuting juveniles as adults increases chances of recidivism.
  • Heller goes to school: Texas will now permit teachers to carry guns to school. Yay.
  • It seems Gerry Spence reads my blog. He writes about the “secret of winning” (again) and focuses on preparation. But he also disses public defenders. So that’s not good.
  • EvidenceProf brings us an interesting 7th Cir. decision on the testimony of a psychologist to prove lack of impulse to negate “attempt”.
  • Probably the worst place you can get into a fight: a prison transfer van.
  • Of course, Hartford’s curfew is still making news (although zero new violence in the city since last week!)
  • Someone sees the light and dismisses a “mandatory reporter” prosecution.
  • Not that there was any real doubt, but: DNA helps confirm that the recent Bigfoot capture is a fake.

That’s it. Come back tonight for more. Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Jumpstart: It’s Aliiiive!

  1. Gerry Spence

    I do not disrespect public defenders. The exact opposite is true. They are the true heroes of a broken justice system. At Trial Lawyers’ College we provide many scholarships for public defenders when scholarships are hard to come by. We do a death penalty seminar the purpose of which is to beat this blight on humanity. We offer scholarships there as well. We have public defenders both on our board and on our staff. Our mission could not be fulfilled without our commitment to public defenders. Gerry Spence

    1. Gideon Post author

      Thanks for the comment!

      You do seem to make a connection between public defenders being overworked and defendants not receiving adequate representation.

      Perhaps you did not disrespect public defenders, but it does seem to me that there was some perpetuation of the stereotype.

      Why, I wonder, do people not use private attorneys in the example of the overworked defense attorney. I know several who have either been suspended or disbarred because they took on too much, performed miserably and poorly represented their clients. On the other hand, almost every single public defender I know gives his or her all to every single client and does so quite well.

      I just would like to see this stereotype stopped in its tracks and it rankles a bit when I see fellow defense lawyers using it.


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