Judge for a day – part next

Just read a sentencing story today that I thought would make a good example for the next edition of “Judge for a Day!”

Defendant is charged with two counts of second degree robbery and four counts of third degree burglary. He robbed two Subway stores, making off with $1062 total. He was a polite robber, however, each time apologizing for robbing the stores. After the first robbery he apologized to the store clerk and thanked him and after the second one he said “I’m sorry, I have to do this.”

He robbed to keep up his prescription meds addiction, which turned into a heroin addiction when he couldn’t get any more meds.

No criminal record whatsoever; a productive member of society with a job. There was no violence during either robbery.

Remember folks, this is Connecticut – the State with the strictest sentences in the country.

What’s your sentence, Judge Commenter? There are no minimums and the max for the robbery is 10 and for the burglary is 5. But since there are multiple counts, you can run them consecutive, if you’re so inclined.

9 thoughts on “Judge for a day – part next

  1. doug

    let me think? productive first time offender. No violence. But had gun. 4 burgleries 2 robberies. Maxes of 5 and 10 respectively. No minimuns. Can stack. Probably accepts responsibility 100 percent and would be a superior candidate for drug rehab. mmmmmmmmmmlet me go out on a limb and say 40 years

    1. mrsflowers

      this was a state case, I presume…..8 years!! that is a lot. Were there any rehab programs contacted pre-sentencing? You get something lined up for the sentencing, present it at the time of sentencing, or at pre-trials,(judges especially like a lengthy, like 2 yr, out-of-state program).

    2. doug

      I’m glad you didn’t send me to bed without an answer. Do you think this is excessive? I’m thinking six months down for shock probation then 8 community supervision. ButI have a bleeding heart.

  2. doug

    If it wasn’t for the gun. The people he robbed lost more than money. That’s a little more than flawed character. Whatever judge slapped him on the wrist, only for him to go back out and wave a gun in somebodies face. Re-election would be the least of his worries. And if he harmed someone.


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