Monday Evening Winddown: Fourth of July edition


Creative Commons License photo credit: gte333f

As promised, this Fourth of July’s most interesting posts and stories:

  • Prior to the Fourth of July, a fireworks manufacturer in CT lost a suit seeking return of over 500K worth of illegal fireworks seized by police.
  • The Fourth of July edition of Blawg Review is up here.
  • Speaking of digests, Capital Defense Weekly’s weekly roundup is here.
  • So Justice Scalia used incorrect information in his controversial Boumediene dissent. I don’t hear calls for him to correct it, a la Kennedy.
  • Blondie refines her answer to the question.
  • Norm has given up blogging…for now?
  • Mark Bennett gives us a Chappelle-esque edition of “Teaching him a lesson gone wrong”.
  • Anne Reed wants you to stop thinking like a lawyer when dealing with juries.
  • EyeID writes about new technology for composite sketches and how this might be a good thing.
  • f/k/a reminds you to Drive 55.
  • How good is anyone at spotting lies, asks the Gritmaster, and how does it affect eyewitness ids?
  • A recap of the non-capital cruel and unusual argument before the GA Supreme Court.
  • SL&P covers prosecutorial discretion in charging death.
  • First Heller went to the airport, now Heller goes to Disneyland.
  • Should a victimless DUI be a crime?
  • The New Haven Advocate tears the editorial board of the New Haven Register a new one over immigrant IDs.
  • These are our clients.
  • One man’s take on what it means to be a pd.
  • UFO stupidity alert.
  • DUI arrest even though BAC is 0.0 (yes, 0.0)

Enjoy the night (and tomorrow)!

One thought on “Monday Evening Winddown: Fourth of July edition

  1. Simons Split Air Conditioning Units

    Thanks for the links, particularly liked the DUI victimless Crime one. We don’t “do” the 4th July in England so it’s interesting to see how different people celebrate it.

    In my book the fact that you would take your down time to compile a list like this, shows you are truly blessed, as you use your free time to do your job.



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