Link-dump day


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jake Wild!

One day left before the end of the week, so it’s time to dump some links on you:

  • ACLU has asked a CT court to vacate its decision to force feed an inmate on hunger strike.
  • A Newsweek review of “Ganja Queen”, the story of Schappelle Corby, still stuck in an Indonesian jail.
  • Follow this twisted logic: More police misconduct suits = more deaths in Chicago.
  • Indigent clients may be more charitable than those with money.
  • How much do eyewitnesses really see?
  • Child sex assault cases are a zero sum game.
  • A blogger points out that 7 jurisdictions, not 6, have the death penalty for child rape, contrary to the majority’s statement in Kennedy. Gideon yawns. Still yawning. Can’t stop yawning.
  • NY will now hand out consent forms for suspects to sign prior to searching their vehicle.
  • The Confrontation Blog reflects on Giles (he’s not happy).
  • Stephen Gustitis is writing an excellent series of posts on the Intoxilyzer 5000. A must read for anyone doing DUI work.
  • f/k/a produces a quality post yet again, this time on California’s new hands-free cell phone law (much like CT’s).
  • From SCOTUSblog, “victims’ rights plea denied“.
  • Is Heller on a collision course with self-defense laws?
  • A day in the life of a MN public defender. Via Skelly.

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