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Link-dump day


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jake Wild!

One day left before the end of the week, so it’s time to dump some links on you:

  • ACLU has asked a CT court to vacate its decision to force feed an inmate on hunger strike.
  • A Newsweek review of “Ganja Queen”, the story of Schappelle Corby, still stuck in an Indonesian jail.
  • Follow this twisted logic: More police misconduct suits = more deaths in Chicago.
  • Indigent clients may be more charitable than those with money.
  • How much do eyewitnesses really see?
  • Child sex assault cases are a zero sum game.
  • A blogger points out that 7 jurisdictions, not 6, have the death penalty for child rape, contrary to the majority’s statement in Kennedy. Gideon yawns. Still yawning. Can’t stop yawning.
  • NY will now hand out consent forms for suspects to sign prior to searching their vehicle.
  • The Confrontation Blog reflects on Giles (he’s not happy).
  • Stephen Gustitis is writing an excellent series of posts on the Intoxilyzer 5000. A must read for anyone doing DUI work.
  • f/k/a produces a quality post yet again, this time on California’s new hands-free cell phone law (much like CT’s).
  • From SCOTUSblog, “victims’ rights plea denied“.
  • Is Heller on a collision course with self-defense laws?
  • A day in the life of a MN public defender. Via Skelly.

Heller goes to the airport

In this latest installment of “Heller goes to…”, in which we follow the zany adventures of Heller v. D.C.*, the lovable Supreme Court case, as he makes his way through the country, Heller decides to go to the airport to see what the fuss is all about.

He decided to take a trip to Atlanta, GA – one of the nation’s busiest airports. After all, he now has a right to be possessed. It’s in the Constitution and what better place to exercise one’s Constitutional rights than an airport!

In addition, the state of GA had just passed a law making it legal to carry a concealed weapon while on public transportation and other fine places where other people congregate, so they can all compare their pieces and be happy.

So off went good old Heller to the airport:

City officials in charge of the airport declared it a “gun-free zone” when a law allowing people to carry guns on public transit and other places took effect Tuesday. Gun rights supporters, including a state legislator who helped pass the law, quickly filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the designation.

Rep. Tim Bearden, a Republican from Villa Rica and a former police officer, is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Bearden sponsored the state law.

He had told a newspaper he would carry a concealed weapon to the airport Tuesday when he picked up his family. But he told The Associated Press by telephone Tuesday morning, “There will be no reason for any confrontation at the airport.”

The airport authorities were naturally upset, since the country has been in a state of orange alert for the last 7 years and airports lead to planes and well…you know the rest.

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin said citizens can’t bring guns into the terminal and argued that airports remain attractive targets for terrorism.

Allowing citizens to carry firearms “would create an environment that would endanger millions of people,” she said.

So let me get this straight. I have to endure hours of long lines at airports and invasive and intrusive searches and answer all sorts of ridiculous questions so we can be “safe”, but all of that security takes a back seat to some yahoo who doesn’t feel manly enough without his gun tucked in his shoulder holster (or wherever the kids are carrying it these days) and has to carry it to the damn airport?

It’s also quite an interesting argument to make – that an airplanes are “public transportation”.

Oh you silly Heller, you! Always getting into crazy situations!

*Yes, I realize that this GA law is not a product of Heller. I am using the Heller name as a surrogate for the right to bear arms and any and all state laws designed to make such possession legal