Monday Morning Jumpstart: June Swoon

June is here! Here are some stories to get your day (and month) started:

  • The Day has this great feature on the New London public defender’s office.
  • Mike at C&F takes on the anti-gay marriage lobby.
  • Ken at KL deconstructs a dashboard-cam video and concludes that the cop was justified in shooting.
  • Mark Bennett leaves the hidden meaning in this sentence up to us.
  • A Seattle judge rules that breathalyzer tests will be inadmissible until accuracy questions are resolved.
  • Yet another mis-ID wrongful conviction from IL.
  • Grits reports that some police depts in TX are doing the right thing by dismissing cases after evidence room thefts.
  • Charles Kenville at the Iowa Champion breaks down the reasons why it is a good idea never to talk to the cops.
  • Norm brings some much needed sanity to the Doninger case.
  • Scott writes of people’s fascination with crime and criminals.
  • SL&P has this post about the inevitability of GPS monitoring and technocorrections.

Short list today, but I have to get out and enjoy the day!

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