Daily Archives: May 19, 2008

Monday Morning Jumpstart: No edition edition

The sands of time are unstoppable! Welcome to almost-June. Sigh.

  • Mike at C&F takes the church to task on its “marriage only between man and woman because of procreation” position.
  • The ‘sphere is beginning to pick up the “H.I.V. spit as deadly weapon” story I noted a few days ago: Grits here and Scott here.
  • The Juries blog has an update on FL’s new policy permitting jurors to ask questions, which I was not a fan of. The verdict: working out pretty well! Goes to show what I know…
  • CDW’s weekly roundup is here.
  • Strange discussion over at Volokh on “stupid nerds” and whether they’re the ones who shoot up schools.
  • Old school Bill O’Reilly – remixed.
  • Man in jail because daughter fails to get GED = no wonder there’s prison overcrowding
  • BCT laments the lack of a unified open file/Brady policy.
  • Blawg Review #160 is up across the pond.
  • MO’s legislature has kicked knee-jerk into high gear in response to the Lori Drew/Megan Meier incident with a poorly written piece of legisation.
  • A Florida license with a Virginia address: It’s legal.
  • Cops in NJ don’t have to reveal their surveillance locations during examination.
  • EyeID points out flaws in the ABA’s proposed cross-racial jury instruction.
  • British judges drop the wigs.
  • Author pleads guilty in obscene text case, leaving Constitutional challenge for someone else.
  • Norm’s latest update on the Fieger trial.
  • SL & P brings us some troubling evidence of racial disparity in sentencing.
  • Scott wonders (not really) why law enforcement seem to only have recordings of conversations that harm our clients.
  • The Windypundit is looking for a Chicago criminal defense attorney. Got one to recommend?

Have a good day!