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Monday Evening Margarita

talia's strawberry margarita

Creative Commons License photo credit: (nutmeg)

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks! Hope you all treated yourself to a cerveza today. If not, just ogle the picture in this post.

Here’s what you missed while boozin’ it up in honor of the 5th of May:

  • Norm takes umbrage at defendant’s tactics of throwing his client – New Haven detective Clarence Willoughby – under the bus.
  • Scott once again lambasts former Judge Cassell for his approval of a curious article that concludes blacks receive longer sentences because they are, well, more prone to committing crimes. Be warned, some seemingly racist commenters have crawled out of the woodwork.
  • What’s the best defense for the guy that tried to cash a check for $360 billion.
  • A survival guide to legal blogs and blogging, from Bag and Baggage. She’s right – that cover is fantastic.
  • Crime and Consequences is miffed by “us” when we “blur the line between an inability to reprosecute and actual proof of innocence”. Uh, okay.
  • Carolyn Elefant reminds us to stop naysaying.
  • An explosion rattled the San Diego Federal Courthouse early yesterday morning.
  • From LBW, man asks court to change his name to “In God We Trust”.
  • SL & P brings us the story of how fiscal pressures are leading states to release inmates early.
  • Volokh tries to make sense of this L.A. Times article about twisting DNA statistics.
  • An update on Tim Masters.
  • The WSJ Law Blog asks if lawyers blogging about cases is a good thing or a bad thing.
  • CDW’s weekly roundup is here.
  • The Top 11 Jesus sightings.
  • The Windypundit has yet another idea to reform the criminal justice system: make juries rule on Motions.
  • Mark Bennett hands out the first Asshat of the Day Award (ADA).
  • Alltop.com launched its Law section, compiling posts from the top blawgs.

Don’t overdo it! It’s only Monday, after all.