Monday Morning Jumpstart: Anniversary edition

happy birthday... er, um, anniversary

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sluggo

Slightly over one year ago, I debuted the Monday Morning Jumpstart (and it typical Gideon fashion, it was posted that evening). Look how it started out! Just four links. Ah, the innocent days.

Anyway, before we jump into this week’s…jumpstart…. I wanted to thank all of you that read the blog and especially those of you who actually click on a link or two in the Jumpstart. Thanks.

  • Dan Hull at What About Clients? comes out very strongly against elected judges.
  • From Jamie Spencer, can you spot the problem with how this bill was written?
  • Blonde Justice asks whether it is wrong for us defense lawyers to want to see someone prosecuted. Norm had a similar post about attitudes toward prosecutors and cops when they become defendants.
  • The CrimProfBlog’s thoughts on Virginia v. Moore.
  • Mark Bennett sides with the cited lawyer in the “hand gesture” contempt incident.
  • Anne Reed tackles disqualifying jurors that are related to the judge. Juries follows it up with some studies on the subject.
  • EvidenceProf covers the recent 9th Circuit decision finding no RS required for search of a laptop at the border.
  • LegalBlogWatch brings us the story of the student who twittered “arrested” to alert his family. Technology finally being put to good use.
  • Norm correctly points out that the Sean Bell saga is far from over.
  • Two interesting crim cases might be granted cert. by SCOTUS today. Watch SCOTUSblog for the news.
  • Scott asks whether the criminal justice system is too broken and whether we can do anything to fix it.
  • Western Justice asks whether defense attorneys are ‘lie promoters’, but really is tackling the ethical question of presenting patently absurd defenses.
  • The WSJ Law Blog has the highlights of Justice Scalia’s interview with 60 minutes.
  • CapDefWeekly’s weekly roundup is here.
  • A sex offender in CT is suing his neighbor, claiming harassment.

That’s all I have. If I missed anything noteworthy, leave a comment! Have a great day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Jumpstart: Anniversary edition

  1. SPO

    Hmmmmmmmm. Let’s see, lawyer in heat of moment makes a tasteless gesture in open court–gets 90 days–Mike Nifong screws over three innocent people and gets a day. Obviously, I know different jurisdictions, different judges etc. etc. But the moral of the story is don’t piss off some imperious judge–better to try to ruin an innocent man’s life.

    By the way, Nifong should spend the rest of his life in prison for what he did.

  2. Alec

    1. Elected judges: Wrote a paper on it last semester, still think they’re an awful idea. I’ve thought so for some time.

    2. I hope the citizens of Arkansas are only paying for part-time legislators.

    3. Very bitter about Virginia v. Moore, because I completed an appellate brief for that issue (in one of the two jurisdictions holding opposite to SCOTUS) back in January. That appeal, of course, is dead now. And I think the underlying legal theory SHOULD be sound, but isn’t, because of unreasonable SCOTUS precedent.

    4. I think the criminal justice system is broken beyond repair, unless that repair involves what will be perceived as radical reforms to the idea of incarceration for certain crimes, particularly drug related offenses (including those involving transportation) and offenses that are related, in part, to drug addiction or abuse, and that decriminalization must be part of that reform effort.

    That’s all for now. Your site is a nice distraction during my (LAST!) set of finals.


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