Monday Evening Sunbathing

It is a warm 74 degrees as I type this. I love summer. Sorry there was no Jumpstart this morning, but I had to be in early. Here’s what I would have posted, if I had the time:

  • Susan Cartier Liebel asks if we’re workaholics and reminds us to enjoy life.
  • Ken Lammers at CrimLaw is on a roll (and I mean roll). Over 80 posts in 2 days. Beat that Scott!
  • Via CrimProf, a new paper on the meteoric rise of the need for “closure” in the criminal justice system.
  • Mark Bennett writes about the impact of the advancement in DNA science and human behavior.
  • Anne Reed reminds us to always be prepared during jury selection.
  • EvidenceProf engages in an interesting discussion of the rape-shield laws and the exceptions thereto.
  • Yet another flawed ID leading to another exoneration.
  • Grits reflects on the mess in Texas.
  • Giles v. California will be argued tomorrow, focusing on forfeiture and the Confrontation Clause. Prof. Friedman has a preview here.
  • NJ’s Supreme Court rules that an internet user has a right to privacy.
  • This week’s Blawg Review is about law and virtual worlds.
  • Norm Pattis tells us why we need to videotape all interrogations.
  • Scott comments on the Federal government’s disturbing announcement that it will start collecting DNA from arrestees. My comments on a similar CT bill here.
  • Luke Gilman thinks the ban on classroom internet may not be such a bad idea.
  • Orin Kerr’s critique of the Middle District of Florida’s decision striking down the Adam Walsh Act as unconstitutional.
  • David Giacalone at f/k/a asks if you’ve ever been punched by a client.
  • And finally, there’s this little story about this little blog.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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12 thoughts on “Monday Evening Sunbathing

  1. Kathleen Casey

    Good for you about the Advocate article and the readers you’re gathering. As politicized as CT is, stay anonymous or you will be a target.

    P.S. Is that you we see on the dock?

        1. Gideon

          That’s true. No one truly knows. I like to keep people guessing. I could be the girl in the picture. I could be the dragonfly on the girl in the picture. I could be you!


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