Link dump

  • ACLU presses for death row inmates’ rights.
  • Apparently, there’s a wave of sexual offenders preying on nursing home residents. Not.
  • State ethics bill “implodes“.
  • Bill introduced in Congress to impose sanctions on countries that don’t take back illegal immigrants.
  • State lawmakers discuss prison population.
  • FBI determines Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own site.
  • Interesting 9th Circuit dissent discussing meaning of a PSR (pre-sentence report).
  • Federal inmate sues to lift limits on passover foods.
  • Prof. Berman wonders why Congress is “wasting time” taking stock of the state and quality of capital counsel, instead of making a “serious effort to get some of the excessive resources spent seeking to impede the executions of convicted murderers redirected toward providing more defendants charged with murder better initial representation.”
  • A life of honor, one day at a time: One man’s story of turning his back on a life of crime.

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