Monday Night Lullaby

Yes. Very lame title. I know. It’s 10:12pm. If you expected more, you don’t know me.

Anyway. I found a short window of time in which I have nothing to do, so here are the most interesting posts and stories from the past few days:

  • From EvidenceProfBlog, the Iowa Supreme Court will hear the first challenge to “red light cameras” which automatically generate tickets for speeders.
  • EyeID recaps the landmark eyewitness ID training seminar held in NYC two weeks ago and makes public
  • Not Guilty comments on the shift in the federal judiciary from lawyers in the private sector to lawyers in the public sector.
  • Grits has this fantastic critique of a critic of the Pew Study.
  • Scott writes about the 30 year old mother of 2 who is a sex offender who has been forced to move several times. Nowhere left to go, really. We’re really doing a fantastic job of helping non-violent sex offenders reintegrate, aren’t we?
  • From WSJ, a motion written by a lawyer representing a capital defendant now is part of an IAC claim. Why? The motion was written in ebonics.
  • The ACLU released a report calculating the actual cost of California’s death penalty. Answer: It’s very high.
  • Mark Bennett has this terrific post on the Government as the threat to your liberty and this follow up.
  • The Windypundit is honest about jury nullification.

That’s it for tonight. Sleep well.

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