The runaway governor: truly scary justice “reforms”

I’m sorry, I have to say it. She’s freakin’ scary now. I think she’s lost it and I can almost picture her sitting in a darkened room, illuminated by frequent lightning, hair standing up, rubbing her hands together, eyes pointing in separate directions, cackling, laughing maniacally as she imagines these proposals.

The Governor, as part of her budget and state of the state speech yesterday, proposed these changes to the criminal justice system. Are you ready?

I will be submitting legislation to require a mandatory minimum sentence for Burglary in the Second Degree and to change Burglary in the First Degree to include burglary of an occupied dwelling, day or night.

I wonder if she reads the current statutes before making these proposals: “By Jove! I’ve got a brilliant idea! Let’s outlaw one man killing another!”

I would also like to put in place a three-strikes law for those convicted of three violent felony offenses.

And to satisfy those who thought mistakenly there was an “out” in the original proposal, I am removing the possibility of a case review after 30 years. Now it’s three strikes for violent felony convictions and you’re truly out.

There you go. “Original” three-strikes. Completely ineffective and counter productive. I’m also particularly tickled by the “to satisfy those…” comment. American Idol Governor, indeed.

I am also proposing legislation to significantly toughen our laws dealing with sex offenders.

All too often we hear or read about a predator attempting to entice a child online or about a sex offender failing to register as required.

One simple fix I am proposing is to bar offenders from legally changing their names to escape police attention or to avoid registration.

Again with this recidivism nonsense and this shows real ignorance on the topic. Yeah, we hear about MySpace predators because every single time it happens, there’s a media frenzy. Yet, 90-ish % of “predators” will be within the family. They don’t need myspace.

This name changing this is also odd. Why can’t they be allowed to change their name, as long as they register? To change your name, you have to get an order from Court, no? So if you’re on the sex offender registry, it should be pretty easy for someone to figure that out and make the change in the registry.

But I want to go further. I want to require offenders to report in person to police and to provide the name and address of their employers and the license plate number and description of their cars.

And they will also have a special imprint on their driver’s licenses.

Further than need be… This is scarlet letter territory we’re entering into here. Why should the sex offender have to provide the name of his employer? Do we want to further outcast these people? Look at my post from the other day, about the sex offender who can’t be located because he’s been kicked around like a football, or the sex offenders living under the bridge in Miami, one of whom has decided to disappear. Yeah, that’s public safety.

And in the name of public protection, I am calling for another significant change: I want all persons arrested for an A or B felony the most serious of criminal charges to provide DNA samples immediately upon arraignment.Those convicted of lesser felonies and certain misdemeanors must provide a DNA sample at conviction.

These samples will be processed to see if there are any matches related to unsolved crimes.

Incredibly, the law on the books only requires DNA samples to be taken at the end of the inmate’s sentence.

This is where one eye starts spinning uncontrollably, some cats enter the picture and fade to black.

This is just frightening. Absolutely frightening. Presumption of innocence? Them’s just fancy terms. Don’t mean nothing. You’re arrested so you’re guilty. Give up your damn DNA. Heck, I got a better idea. Why wait for people to be arrested. Let’s just have the police go to everyone’s homes. We can all stand in our yards in a line and the police can walk by, taking our DNA. You know, because innocent people don’t exist. Diogenes was right. There isn’t an honest man.

By the way, the statute calls for DNA to be collected after conviction. DOC can choose to collect that sample upon initial entry and they don’t always collect it prior to release.

She’s absolutely lost it and has no idea what to do and what not to do. Pandering is scary enough. This delusional law-making is scarier.

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Disclaimer: This is my opinion. I don’t really think she looks like that in her home. That was my poor attempt at satire. Also, I don’t know what the public defender’s office’s official position would be. This is just mine.

3 thoughts on “The runaway governor: truly scary justice “reforms”

  1. SaucyVixen

    As you likely already know, the DNA at arraignment bit really got me going. Since I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I chose to laugh.

    I always maintained that “presumption of innocence” was just fancy legalese — if it weren’t VOP hearings and forfeiture by misconduct hearing would be WAY different. But now we’re going into creepy Orwellian territory. I’m a’scared.

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  3. Ilah

    There are other states working the appeal of DNA databases as well. It’s one of the hottest “prevention” schemes going. Never mind that access to DNA samples and testing have thus far done squat to increase clearance rates.

    As for the sex offender legislation, she may want to take a peek at the ruling from Maine’s Supreme Court–the one where the court pointed out, among other things, that requiring someone to appear in person before law enforcement four times a year was different from mailing in a form once a year.

    And if the gov isn’t interested in those finer points–ones that forced the state lege to scramble to rewrite the laws or risk losing the registry altogether–perhaps there’s someone who would be.


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