Monday Morning Jumpstart


After a one-week hiatus, the Jumpstart is back to charge your batteries.

  • My post on passwords and the 5th Amendment engaged both Bennett and Greenfield and there’s an interesting and lively discussion going on.
  • ConcurringOpinions reminds us what not to do in court.
  • A defendant chooses to represent himself, in a capital trial.
  • Stephen Gustitis says that sometimes, let your clients take the damn polygraph.
  • SL&P points us to an article that explores the religious undertones in sentencing and victims’ rights. You might be surprised.
  • Mark Katz of Underdog gives us a primer on international extraditions.
  • CDW links to a Toobin article in the upcoming New Yorker on the Nichols trial.
  • Sanchovilla has uncovered yet another powerful social networking tool that any competent investigation must utilize.
  • Ken at KrimLaw has a follow up to his posts on the 5th and domestic violence.
  • The Windypundit has created this awesome Fear credit Card for politicians.
  • The parole ban has been lifted [my post here].


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