Parole ban may be lifted soon

Now that stricter home invasion laws have been enacted, Governor Rell indicated at a press conference today that she will be considering whether to lift the parole ban this weekend. This will certainly be good news for a correctional system that is barely hanging on by a thread and is bursting at the seams (hah! TWO in a row!).

At a ceremony Friday, in which Mrs. Rell signed into law the new criminal justice reforms passed earlier this week by the legislature, she said she needs to make sure a few more things are in place before she lifts the ban. However, “I hope to have that decision over the weekend,” she said.

Cathy Osten, a lieutenant and president of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001’s correctional supervisors, said Friday morning that all the state’s correctional facilities are overcrowded. She said she’s been with the department more than 18 years and it’s been overcrowded almost half of that time. She said the current population increase is a result of the governor’s ban on parole.

Ironically, her new bill might get its first test on the first day! The wife of the Assistant Deputy House Speaker walked in on two robbers in her home today (Morons). Will it matter what time she actually signed the bill into law?

Gov. Rell also indicated that she would try and raise a three-strikes bill again, because the people of CT want it or some such nonsense. Except that the most recent QU poll showed that they don’t. I guess she’s the American Idol Governor only when it suits her ideas.

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  1. Therapist Portland

    Its a great thing that the govt. has isolated its policies on house break-ins and plain burglaries. The violence that some people encounter in protecting themselves in a house break is terrible. Is all this going to be economically viable with the economy being the way it is ??


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