Daily Archives: January 2, 2008

Oh, what the heck

I’m not really big on New Year’s Resolutions (although I do accord them appropriate deference, demonstrated by the Capital Letters), but I’ve seen them being made all around the blogosphere and since I am someone who does not have a single original idea, I have decided to join in on the party and offer my own resolutions and predictions for this blog. SO. Here goes:

  1. I will change the blog theme and layout. Or not.
  2. I will post more than once a day.
  3. I will not post more than 6 times a week.
  4. If you figure that one out, I’ll make you honorary co-blogger.
  5. I will not keep promise no. 4.
  6. This blog will make an initial public offering.
  7. This blog will buy Google.
  8. There will be 7 appellate decisions in CT that favor defendants.
  9. There will be 70 that don’t.
  10. This blog will take a sabbatical.
  11. 15 new criminal defense blawgs will be to linked to once by me.
  12. For 12 of them, it will be the only link.
  13. For 10, it will be because they won’t post again.
  14. The United States will have a “first” President.
  15. Gay marriage will become legal in CT.
  16. CT will not execute anyone, but more people will make it onto death row.
  17. None of the above will come true.

If any of it does come true, I’ll ask you about it next time on ….

Didn’t chuckle once? I don’t blame you. Still need your laughter fix? Go read Dave Barry.