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Lawyers appreciate… a good fight

It’s holiday meme time. I got tagged by Scott (who appreciates integrity) who was tagged by Carolyn (who appreciates passion) who was… well, you get the picture.

Why a good fight? Because it makes practicing that much more fun. When you’re going up against someone with passion and integrity, you’re going up against someone who knows the law and will advocate strongly for it. It makes you prepare better and makes you feel like you have something invested in the outcome. If you’re invested, you perform better. Can’t imagine any other way of practicing.

So bring it on. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are.

Now, my turn to tag:

The rules are that you have to start a post with “lawyers appreciate…” and then indicate what, exactly, it is that you appreciate.

Jumpstart – Christmas Edition

Well, Christmas isn’t until tomorrow, but here at the Jumpstart, we like to get a jumpstart on things. So, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year (see video below) to all!

  • The Rodneys – The public defender blogger awards are in full swing. Find all the categories and nominees here and don’t forget to vote once voting starts on Wednesday.
  • Carolyn Elefant of MyShingle has some valuable tips for the new blawger on how to comment and get yourself noticed.
  • Overcrowding is not a word. It’s “crowding”. As in, “prison crowding“.
  • Apparently, some defense lawyers love to use the phrase “split the baby”. Miss Conduct is rightly annoyed.
  • PD Dude posts about a “pernicious, insidious and unconstitutional” initiative proposed by Los Angeles DAs: lawyers who have one criminal case in a jurisdiction cannot make campaign contributions to candidates for office. Read the post. This initiative is truly ghastly.
  • CDW reports on a “fairly substantial” challenge to New Hampshire’s death penalty.
  • CorrSent points to a USA Today story about a judge’s tough decision in a juvenile homicide case.
  • This Newsday article highlights the pitfalls of retrying a defendant after a number of years, as if its a burden that should be avoided at the expense of innocence.

Enjoy the holiday. Don’t drink and drive. You can track Santa’s progress tonight through this website with the help of NORAD.