Daily Archives: December 3, 2007

Monday Morning Jumpstart


Some great stories to kick off this week:

  • From CorrSent comes this Tulsa World series on going to prison. It follows one inmate behind the walls of a corr. facility and provides intricate details of what happens once the doors close. A must read.
  • Scott’s post on the ABA Top 100 blawger awards has generated a lot of discussion, but don’t miss his post on the prosecutor who claims to be a champion of the poor.
  • Here’s another one for the Deliberations archives: a 73-yr old female juror felt bad for convicting the defendant because she “caved in” to others, so she sent the defendant a check for the amount of the fine. (Oops, she already has it covered)
  • CDW has an interesting post on the defense bar’s version of Dr. Death.
  • Mark Bennett has some words of advice for those who want to be a federal criminal defense lawyer.
  • I Defend The Accused points us to this AP story about states rethinking their policy to charge juveniles as adults.
  • Seven inmates have filed a Writ of Mandamus challenging the Gov.’s ban on parole.

If you live in the Northeast, drive safely.