Nutmeggers delinquent in jury duty

We Nutmeggers are a proud lot (I guess), but it seems that one thing we don’t particularly care for is jury duty. To the tune of 77,800 people over the last three years. That’s mind-boggling. 77,800!

Court administrators say it is not known whether jury duty absences are deliberate, the result of somebody simply forgetting or cases where jury duty notices never make it to the person because they are not forwarded to a new address.

The penalty for a no-show is a fine of $121. If CT had collected from all no-shows, the State would have received $9.4 million. Instead, it has received exactly zero. That’s because it’s not really a priority.

Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane agrees that the office has not enforced the law against delinquent jurors.

“There have been other crimes that have taken precedence, such as the three strikes laws and mandatory sentences, Jessica’s Law and issues involving crime against children,” Kane said. “But delinquent jurors are certainly an issue worth pursuing.”

Kane says there was discussion among state’s attorneys several years ago about enforcing the law, but two obstacles remain.

Then there’s this asinine proposal:

Criminal defense attorney Gerald Klein said those who don’t show up for jury duty should have their driver’s licenses suspended.

Yeah, we really want jurors under the threat of license suspension. What’s the connection? What does this even mean? I just….nevermind.

5 thoughts on “Nutmeggers delinquent in jury duty

  1. Windypundit

    There doesn’t have to be a connection. As I’ve said before, they suspend licenses for everything.

    I know I’m showing a poor sense of my civic duty, but if my license got suspended for not showing up for jury duty, I’d be pretty pissed about it. When I did show up, I’d be tempted to walk the defendant just to Stick It To The Man.

    …and doesn’t jury selection involve questioning jurors about any recent brushes with law enforcement? Like having their license suspended?

    I can see it now: A prospective juror misses or skips his jury date, gets his license suspended, shows up to his next date to avoid another suspension, and is struck by the prosecutor because he might be unsympathetic to law enforcement.

    Pointless, disruptive, and accomplishing nothing. It will be the law by the end of the year.

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  3. Scott Greenfield

    I think people who dress funny should have their licenses suspended. Oh yeah, and people who are ugly. And people who drive Lincoln SUVs, because you know they only buy them for the bling. We can’t forget cops who beat their wives, either. Them too. Maybe we should just suspect all licenses and then make people take a test to get them back. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. Gideon Post author

    Seriously. How stupid is that? More disturbing that a criminal defense attorney proposed that. I’d think we didn’t want people who were forced to be there.


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