Daily Archives: May 26, 2007

First Myspace purge casualty


“Who me?
Yes you!
Couldn’t be!
Then who?

goes the familiar poem. Except MySpace didn’t ask that last question. In fact, MySpace (after erroneously deleting a young woman’s profile), didn’t say much of anything to her. This is what I was afraid of.

In MySpace’s “search and removal” of sex offender profiles with the assistance of Sentinel, there was a legitimate concern that there would be incorrect matches and people who were not sex offenders would get caught in the net.

Jessica Davis experienced just that.

It took nearly a week for Jessica Davis to get an explanation about why MySpace had labeled her a sex offender and pulled her profile from the social networking Web site.And when her name was finally cleared, it wasn’t because of anything MySpace did.

In fact, the response she got from MySpace simply said:

Your profile has therefore been removed from MySpace.com. Please do not attempt to re-register on MySpace.com. Registered sex offenders are not allowed on MySpace.If you believe this designation was made in error, you may appeal your removal by writing to AccountSafe@myspace.com within 14 days. Please note that if you make a false appeal, MySpace may bring this to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

So why did she get flagged? Well, there is a Jessica Dawn Davis who is a registered sex offender. Their birth dates are two days and two years apart and they live in (the entire State of) Florida at “roughly the same time”, according to Sentinel’s CEO. Awesome.

Let’s ignore the fact that they don’t really look anything alike. (See picture above – courtesy abcnews.com). As far as I can find, her profile hasn’t been restored and she has had to spend two weeks to clear her name. Guilty until proven innocent, indeed.