Connecticut’s “secret” sex offender registry

After the sentencing last week of a 27-year-old man, CT’s “secret” sex offender registry came to light. This is a registry that is visible on the internet only to public safety officials. Defendants can request the court to be put on this version of the registry and in very limited circumstances, the court allows it.

The statute says in part that shielded registration is available when there is a family relationship between the offender and the victim, and if the court finds that “publication of the registration information would be likely to reveal the identity of the victim.”

The court also must find that the dissemination of the registration isn’t required for public safety.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a big deal. The provision’s prime goal is the protection of the victim’s identity. Offenders still have to register and if anyone wants, they can walk into the department of public safety’s office and ask about an individual and they will be told if they are on any registry. As of the end of February, 4,529 people were on the public registry and 41 on the “secret” registry. That’s 0.89% of the total number of people required to register.

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