Daily Archives: March 25, 2007

Some new features

Around the site you’ll see some new features. They’ve all been installed with an eye to making it a better experience for you.

  • On the right hand side, under “syndicate“, you can choose to either bookmark the website or subscribe to the feed. All you have to do is click on either link and you can select your favorite reader/program/site to add to.
  • At the bottom of each post, you will see two things: “digg it” and Share This. This allows you to do things to each individual post. Clicking on “digg it” will “digg” that post at digg.com. If you click on “Share This”, it opens up a small window (not a pop-up; right there on the screen), which allows you to either add this post to any of the provided services or it allows you to e-mail this post to someone.
  • Finally, if you leave a comment, you’ll see integration of a new feature called coComment. I’ve only recently discovered coComment and I think it’s great. It keeps track of all the comments you’ve left and notifies you if that conversation has been updated. So if you leave a comment here and tell coComment to track it, you’ll be notified the next time someone else comments (or if I reply). So you know the conversation is ongoing. Give it a shot!

That’s it for now – I’m sure if I see some new toy, I’ll try it out. As always, please leave comments about things you like and things you don’t. I want to streamline the reader experience as much as possible.

Courant op-ed on Amero

The Hartford Courant has a lengthy op-ed piece on Julie Amero ahead of her sentencing this week. Some of it is interesting, most of it is like a bad flashback movie.

What I’m intrigued by is the apparent passion that the prosecutor displayed during closing arguments: “Boom, boom, boom” he is said to have  argued, describing the barrage of pop-ups.

Thursday is the day. Let’s see what happens.

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Brand New Orleans PD

Via Skelly and PD Stuff comes a new public defender blawger, aptly named Brand New Orleans PD. He/she writes:

It’s one thing to tell yourself that you’ll accept a job offer from the New Orleans Public Defender on the spot. It’s another to actually do it.

I had turned down all other job offers waiting to hear from three offices – the Philadelphia PD, New York Legal Aid Criminal Defense, and the Orleans Public Defender. My friends were rooting for Philadelphia or New York. But I wanted to be at the front lines of a brand new office at the cutting edge of criminal justice. I wanted to work with lawyers who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. I wanted to go to New Orleans.

Go say hello and welcome another PD blawger!

Grand (re-)opening

Welcome to all of you. Hopefully, everything is set to go. If you notice any problems with the site, please let me know. All the posts have been imported and all the comments, too. Please update your links if you don’t mind.

I owe a humongous debt of gratitude to Karoli for all the assistance with getting this site up and running and for helping me with the template. Without her help, I’d probably have canceled my internet subscription and I’d be curled up in a ball, shaking violently right now.

Thanks for reading! 😀