NJ sex offender mania spreads to internet access

Update: Upon further rumination and discussion, I’m having serious doubts about the enforceability of this proposed legislation. How exactly do they propose to police this?

Would all ISPs be given lists of sex offenders and told not to provide service to them? Would family members of sex offenders also have to give up internet access or at the very least, disable it in some fashion when their sex offender relatives are over?

This is clearly not a very well thought out legislation at all.

Original Post: NJ is considering legislation that would prevent sex offenders from having internet access or simply accessing the internet.

Under the plan, released sex offenders caught using the Internet would face up to 18 months in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

Sex offenders caught using the Internet to solicit a child would face a mandatory five years in jail, rather than the three years they face under current law.

Online dating sites would also have to notify New Jersey residents whether they do background checks, a proposal opposed by Internet companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, eHarmony and Match.com.

Now this is getting completely absurd. They can’t go to school, they can’t go to libraries, they can’t access the internet. Might as well give them a gun.

4 thoughts on “NJ sex offender mania spreads to internet access

  1. thomas

    This is just another case of political rabble rousing to curry bullshit votes. If they spent half as much energy actually treating the mentally ill persons who commit heinous sex offenses, and leave the youngsters out of the criminal courts, they would make a much safer society. Of course, a much safer society means politicians would have to find real issues to stand on.


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