Michael Kendall spared the death penalty

Michael Kendall’s jury spared him the death penalty today. The jury had convicted him two weeks ago of murdering his wife and two daughters. After deliberating for less than 5 hours, the jury decided that he should be sentenced to life.

On Jan. 18, the jury found Kendall guilty of two counts of capital
felony, three counts of murder and one count of arson, determining he
fatally shot his wife and daughters and set two fires that burned them
severely on Dec. 13, 2003. He poured accelerant, most likely gasoline,
next to Ramona Kendall in her second-floor bedroom and in the hallway
of the townhouse-style apartment at 42 Great Hill Road in East
Hartford, according to testimony. Accelerant also was found on Alexis,
a state chemist testified. Ramona Kendall was seeking a divorce, and
Michael Kendall was under a court order to vacate the home by 10 a.m.
that day.

The jury concluded that the State had not proven the aggravating factor that Kendall knowingly put people besides the victims at a “grave risk of death”.

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