Immigrant march held in Danbury

On Sunday, the Danbury Area Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants sponsored a march of almost 1000 immigrants and illegal aliens in Danbury. The march was represented as a show of unity against Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton’s proposal that state police be armed with immigration power.

Boughton, who spent part of the day monitoring the march with police
Chief Alan D. Baker, has been trying to restore his once-strong ties
with immigrant leaders. He has cast the march as being driven by
outsiders such as service worker unions and the American Civil
Liberties Union.

When asked about the organizers’ claim that most of the marchers were
from Danbury, Boughton said, "The ACLU has been on the ground here for
six weeks."

Yes, that’s it – let’s blame the ACLU for ruining ties between the immigrant community and the local government. It wasn’t his request to the Governor, it was the ACLU.

The coalition billed the event as a "unity march." Their only demand,
beyond asking for immigrants to be respected regardless of legal
status, was for Boughton to withdraw his request to have state police
enforce immigration law. He has refused to do so, though he
acknowledges the state is unlikely to adopt the plan.

Reader "Gwen" sends me this link that explains the authority behind deputizing police officers as immigration agents.

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