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Immigration battle spreads to the rest of the State

After previous pro and anti immigrant demonstrations in Danbury, the CT Citizens for Immigration Control will hold a rally in West Hartford tonight. The original meeting in Danbury was held soon after Danbury Mayor Boughton asked AG Blumenthal to consider deputizing state troopers as immigration agents.

Darien resident Paul Streitz, one of the group’s founders, said
Connecticut is ripe for the positions his group is pushing. He said
undocumented immigrants are taking more and more jobs in the state,
particularly from low-income workers.

The group also says tighter immigration controls are needed as the country adjusts to the realities of a post 9/11 world. "It’s a problem that has to be fixed," Streitz said. "You can’t have a
country that doesn’t have borders and you don’t control who comes in."

Interestingly, Streitz had participated in the failed Minutemen project in Arizona a few months ago.

To counter this meeting, pro immigrant groups are also planning a protest march tonight.

Soon after [CT Citizens for Immigration Control] announced it would come to West Hartford, more
than a dozen organizations, including unions, religious groups and
immigration advocates, formed the Ad Hoc Committee for Immigrant Rights.

The group will hold a demonstration tonight, meeting at Shields Plaza
on New Britain Avenue at 5:30, then marching to the Elmwood Community
Center to picket the meeting."We felt the need, as people who live in the area and are strong
supporters of immigration rights, to go there and let them know," said
West Hartford resident Peter Goselin, of the state chapter of the
National Lawyers Guild.

AG Blumenthal still hasn’t issued an opinion on Mayor Boughton’s request.

I don’t know about you, but this is starting to make me uneasy.

I’ll take a pay cut, I’m Indian!

UPDATE: Please read the comments for Scheherazade’s response and
clarification. Ofcourse, I should have realized that she was talking
about Indians living abroad. But I’ve really had it up to here with the
"you’re stealing our jobs" crap, so I lost my intelligence a little
bit. My apologies.

Original Post: Stay of Execution has a post entitled "Legal Lies", in which she(?) "exposes" the truths about law school and the legal industry. Not a bad read. Here’s what really got my attention, though:

** We permit young associates to believe that they are somehow worth $125,000 a year, without knowing any law, even though there are smart, experienced, well-trained Indians who can do the same work, better, for far less.

I’m sorry. What’s that again? So Indians, who go to the same law schools, incur the same debt, would be willing to work for less than any other associate at a law school? Why? Because they’re Indian? Right. The call-center thing. Which is just the same as graduating from a law school with a professional degree.

So I should take a pay cut because I’m Indian. Gov. Rell, let me give you back some of my hard-earned income.


Hat tip: Amb Imb.