Sex defenders?

Every once in a while, I check the stats for the site and some of the nifty features include "referring link" and "keywords". Over the last three weeks to a month, I’ve seen an increase in the number of people coming to this blog by searching for "sex defenders".

Sex defenders? What the hell is a sex defender? Someone who defends sex? Or is it possible, that people in their infinite stupidity, mean to type sex offender, but end up typing defender instead?

Take the latest one (this is the exact search query):
Latest query – click me!

Now, if you look at the results, my blog is search result #1. And all it highlights is "sex".

So can someone please, please explain – what are you looking for when you type "sex defender".

Oh crap, you know what I just realized? I’m going to get so many more hits because I typed sex de…. "sd"  about 10 times.

Oh well. The pains we put ourselves through in the pursuit of knowledge!

4 thoughts on “Sex defenders?

  1. Mariam

    Well, I did a quick google search on sex defenders, and your post is #4 of the list between an article on the Corey Clark/Paula Abdul scandal and another post by the Indiana Public Defender… Sorry, I don’t know much more than that, although I’d like to!

  2. Gideon

    Yeah, that’s what I found too. I don’t know if it is just a typo or people are really searching for “sex defenders”. If so, what the hell is a sex defender?

  3. Alaska

    I think a sex defender is someone who stands for the propositions that 1) sex is fun; 2) sex does not have to be for procreation; and 3) your sex is nobody else’s business. In that respect, I think I’d qualify as a sex defender.

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